Energy saving and Heat exchange
Energy saving and Heat exchange

Energy saving

Energy saving and Heat exchange

The increase of the service life for LED radiation sources and the decrease of the weight of the same, thanks to the LED emission source cooling with a thermoelectric Peltier module connected in series to said LED source, are highly promising.

The LED light source that has been built and patented with a lower height of the radiator for the same LED power but with a higher luminous efficiency thanks to a higher number of LEDs distributed on a considered area (the tests demonstrated the possibility to decrease the radiator height by more than 3 times, while keeping the same luminous efficiency and reducing the temperature of the LEDs) the present technology enables enables to get the needed luminous flux at a guaranteed LED cooling, to increase by many times the LEDs service life, to reduce the overall dimensions in the manufacture of motor-vehicle LED-based head-lights, search lights, street lanterns, etc.

Replacement of currently widely used heat exchange radiators with (L) heat exchange radiators of our design will enable to improve additionally by 2 – 3 times the mass and volume characteristics or to decrease the temperature at immediate vicinity of the LEDs, which will increase the service life of LED light sources. details »»