Energy saving and Heat exchange
Energy saving and Heat exchange

About the company

The Limited Liability Company “LEONARDA-SERVICE” was incorporated in the city of Moscow on January the 28th, 2005. “LEONARDA-SERVICE” LLC is an innovative company dealing with the design and manufacture of articles for medical purposes and of medical equipment. “LEONARDA-SERVICE” LLC carries out innovation developments in the field of energy saving (optimizing LED power supplies), thermoelectricity, heat exchange, thermal-to-electric energy conversion.

Andrey Vladimirovich Rezvov

Andrey Vladimirovich Rezvov, “LEONARDA-SERVICE” LLC Director General, founder and owner of the Company, author of 28 patents.

The Company is a resident of the Technopark “SТRОGINО”, a Moscow City Public Enterprise since 2010, on the base of an order by the Moscow City Government. LEONARDA-SERVICE Ltd. innovative company accredited by the Moscow Government.

Andrey Vladimirovich Rezvov
Andrey Vladimirovich Rezvov

The Technopark “SТRОGINО” was established by the Government of Moscow with the support of the Russian Ministry for Economic Development in 2007.

The activity of the Technopark is performed in cooperation with the Science, Industrial Policy and Business Department of the City of Moscow, with infrastructure enterprises supporting innovative business and with other executive bodies of the City of Moscow.

We are proud of the development of reliable technical solutions that provide for the reduction by several times of the weight and volumetric characteristics for cooling units, enabling to reduce overall dimensions of existing radiators of internal-combustion engines, to achieve a significant energy saving, to increase the service life of sensitive electronic equipment, to provide a more healthy and productive microclimate for people in buildings and in facilities of all kinds, as well while they are inside a special equipment on land and water (under water). We create conditions that inspire us to find new ideas. We believe that innovations represent a key to our exceptionally competitive energy saving and heat exchanger solutions that are continuously supported by our new designs.